European leader in the design,
production and marketing of
equipment for waste collecting

Fratelli Mazzocchia is a European leader in the design, production and marketing of equipment for waste collecting and highlights the history and ideas of an Italian company working in a Global market. Fratelli Mazzocchia, in addition to its wide variety of products, offers specific services in keeping with the company’s strategy and, hence, the customer always comes first. Fratelli Mazzocchia stands for integrity, quality, innovation and bases its philosophy on the following key points:

FOUNDING PRINCIPLES: loyalty, trustworthiness and consistency.
THE PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE: to always strive for the best possible results.
OPEN TO INNOVATION: a commitment to improve the Company by utilizing new technologies, procedures and constantly training our employees.

Fratelli Mazzocchia pursues its objectives while keeping in mind the importance of human resources and is in full compliance with Professional ethics, which is essential for the growth of our Company and its personnel, who are aware of their ability to contribute to a winning team.

Our History

since 1968...


Fratelli Mazzocchia Spa

Fratelli Mazzocchia highlights the history and ideas of an Italian company working in a Global market.


Cavaliere del Lavoro

Alfio Mazzocchia obtains the title of Cavaliere del Lavoro.


Robotic welders

A second line of robotic welders for containers is introduced.


Corporate restructuring

Following a corporate restructuring, the Company is acquired entirely by the co-founder Alfio Mazzocchia and his daughters.


Rental service

The Company restructures in order to provide a rental service for waste collecting equipment and, hence acquiring another business opportunity in a market that is beginning to focus increasingly on services. In January 2006 he was awarded the certification of the Environmental Management System UNI EN ISO 14000.


Robotic welders

First line of robotic welders for containers is introduced.



UNI ISO 9001 certification is granted for all the company’s procedures; from the Designing stage to Post-sale assistance.


New machinery and technology

Due to new major investments, new machinery and technology, a new plant that doubles the work space is built at Frosinone. The company also restructures its human resources and internal management.


Traditional rear-loading compactors

Traditional rear-loading compactors, for which the Company holds the original patents too, are joined by an innovative line of side-loading and stationary compactors. With one of the most vast and innovative lines of equipment for the collecting of waste available, the Company quickly becomes a market leader.


Ecological vehicle market

The Company, who is now already very focused in the ecological vehicle market, design and develop a line of bins, which consequently leads to the birth of a new company called: Meccanica Mazzocchia S.r.l. of Alatri.


Equipment for the collection of waste

The production of equipment for the collection of waste begins. A major contract from Brazil provides this opportunity and subsequently, with a growing demand in the market for equipment for the collection of waste, the Company abandons previous productions, and with a massive industrial investment begin specializing in the ecological sector.


Special models dedicated to civilian

The company becomes an official supplier for Public institutions and for the Italian military. They start participating in public tenders for the supply of transport vehicles and for special models dedicated to civilian and military use.


New technologies

Production, which was previously carried out in Alatri, is transferred to Frosinone. Development grows thanks to an expanding market, new technologies and new industrial production of trailers, semi-trailers, quarry containers and water/fuel tanks.


Company formed

Fratelli Mazzocchia S.r.l. Company is formed by 4 brothers: Leuco, Giuseppe, Alfio and Mario. Construction of a plant begins at Frosinone in the Asi area.


New business opportunities

At 40 years old, father Giuseppe was joined in the workshop by his children. The commitment, discipline, humility and industriousness of the family, together with new business opportunities arising from the evolution of transport vehicles, transforms the workshop into a small-scale business, and becomes well-known outside of the Region as well.


Papà Giuseppe

The history of Mazzocchia begins with Giuseppe Mazzocchia who manufactured marvellous handcrafted carriages for noble families, all of which were uniquely constructed and the result of an astute mastery in carpentry and metal design.